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Water softener, HENDI, Filter capacity (20°F/30°F/40°F) 2520/1680/1260, 12L, ø185x(H)500mm

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During softener regeneration the connected machine must not be used.
Maximum/minimum water pressure: from 1 to 8 bar.
Nominal flow: 1000 L/h.
Ambient temperature: from 4 °C to 35 °C.
Supply water temperature: from 4 °C to 25 °C.
Connection size: 3/8”.

Hard water contains dissolved minerals - calcium and magnesium compounds, among others. Calcium and magnesium ions cause scale build-up, which is risky for objects and tools in contact with water or steam.
Water softening is a process in which all calcium and magnesium compounds causing water hardness are removed.
When passing through the resin column, calcium and magnesium ions are absorbed by resin particles.
When ion-exchange ability of the resin wears off, it ought to be restored in an appropriate regeneration process with the use of
a salt solution.
Water softener may be installed wherever water temperature is below 45°C and the water input pressure does not exceed 2 bars
Regeneration: uniodised salt only.
For drinking water only.
Suitable for softening water for coffee makers, combi steamers, dishwashers and ice cubers.
Thanks to its small size it is perfect for bars and restaurants.
Thanks to highest quality components used, the device remains fail-safe and operational for many years.
Optimum working water pressure: 1-2 bar.

Diameter, mm 185
Usable volume, L 12
Product dimensions 185x185x500mm
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