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Cookies policy

Like most websites, Gastro also uses cookies on its e-channel. Below is a description of the use of cookies in the e-channel of Gastro Suurköögid OÜ at

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's computer or other device (such as a phone) when visiting a website. As a result, the web browser can send cookie information back to the e-environment every time it is used, with the goal of enabling recognition of the same user.

The text file contains information used to improve the user experience for a specific website visitor. Cookies are used to collect information and statistical data to provide the customer with relevant and interesting content, as well as to maintain the visit history to ensure a more convenient and secure user experience.

What types of cookies does Gastro e-channel use and for what purposes? The Gastro website uses two types of cookies: session and persistent cookies. They differ in terms of purpose of use and storage time.

Session cookies are stored only temporarily during the visit to the website. We use session cookies for statistics and analysis.

Persistent cookies are stored for a certain period of time, which can range from 1 month to 10 years, but can be deleted by the user if desired. The purposes of persistent cookies are:

  • Browser recognition - cookies that enable the recognition of the web browser and secure use of the website.
  • Service provision and maintenance - cookies that support the provision of Gastro services.
  • Website security and service integrity - cookies that help shape services and create the best user experience.
  • User statistics and analysis - cookies that provide information on how often Gastro websites are used, what user groups are using them, and what search tools are used. Cookie statistics may also be obtained from related websites.
  • Service provision and analysis of user needs - cookies that help develop the best offers that meet customer needs.

Over time, Gastro may update and customize cookies to improve service quality.

How can users change and choose cookie usage? If you do not want to use cookies on your devices, you can change your web browser security settings. From the security settings, you can change cookie storage notification settings or block all cookies. You can also delete all cookies stored on your device. However, blocking all cookies may cause some website features to not work, and we cannot provide a perfect user experience. It is possible to disable the use of persistent cookies without affecting website features. Note! Security settings must be changed in each web browser.

The user can start by blocking the use of all cookies in their web browser, and based on their future usage experience, allow cookies only for those websites they trust. The following links provide guidance on how users can configure the most common web browsers in terms of cookies and security settings:

Internet Explorer:
Firefox: Recent History

Where can additional information be obtained? If there are any questions regarding cookies, additional information can be obtained from the website of the Data Protection Inspectorate.