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Lever model, chrome-plated.
Made of high quality zinc alloy.
With handle for increased stability.
Lever folds back easily using a spring.
Stainless steel juice bowl and cone.

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77,50 €

Ideal for: fresh juices, mousses, paste and fruit cocktails.
Suitable for soft as well as hard fruit and vegetables, herbs, grass, sprouts.
When compared to traditional juicers, this appliance squeezes much more juice – the remaining fruit and vegetable pulp is almost completely dry, which proves the exceptional efficiency of the appliance.
The juice squeezing process is similar to mechanical cold-pressing.
Speed: 45 rpm.
Reverse function to unblock the auger.
Powerful DC induction motor for high power and durability.
Quiet operation: 65 dB.
Magnetic protection against switching on if the head is incorrectly mounted.
Maximum continuous operation time: up to 20 min.
Large feed chute with mechanism preventing the insertion of hands Ø83 mm (e.g. for apples, pears, turnip).
Small feed chute ø42 mm with a pusher for long vegetables.
Juice spout with a practical and tight cap.
Inner strainer made of AISI 304 steel.
Auger, strainer frame and strainer elements made of Tritan – BPA free.
Housing with a practical handle made of satin aluminium and ABS.
Easy to use and clean.
Weight: 7.2 kg.
2 polycarbonate containers for pulp and juice, 850 ml each.
Supplied with a cleaning brush with nylon bristles.

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167,00 €

Made of rust-resistant material.
With stainless steel squeeze bowl.
Including 3 interchangeable.
ABS cones for small and large citrus fruit.
ABS sieve.
Speed 1500 RPM.
Manually operated by means of on/off switch.
Including polycarbonate anti-splash cover.
All elements except the body are dishwasher safe.

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220,00 €

Top with lever provides easy and safe operation.
Removable bowl and cone of stainless steel.
With splash screen.
RPM: 980/min.

SKU: 221099 ,   Qty: 53 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
428,00 €

For making juice of hard and soft fruits or vegetables.
With a large, 7 liter, pulp container.
Very powerful, can juice up to 120 kg per hour.
Housing, bowl, juicer basket and grating disk made of stainless steel.
Feeder tube and pusher made of ABS, pulp container and lid made of polypropylene.
Motor spins the grating disk at 3000rpm.
Safe in operation, will only work if the lid and safety arm are locked into place.
Very easy to disassemble and clean.
Not suitable for ice or frozen fruits/vegetables.

SKU: 221105 ,   Qty: 28 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
889,00 €