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About us

Gastro Suurköögid OÜ is a company that deals with the purchase, sale, and maintenance of restaurant, bar, and large kitchen equipment, as well as the furnishing of stores and warehouses and everything related to it. Our selection includes both new and used kitchen equipment as well as inventory for stores and warehouses.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of furnishing equipment, our team has developed skills, competence, and knowledge in large kitchens, stores, and warehouses. With our knowledge and experience, we can solve even the most complex requests and challenges. Our team is fast, accurate, and mobile, and we respond promptly to your inquiries. If necessary, we will visit your company to find the best possible solution together. We are flexible and innovative and do everything to keep up with the times. Our team supports the principles of lifelong learning and competence-based approach. We keep ourselves up to date with product innovations in the world and in Europe, and offer you the most modern solutions possible. On our website, you can find information about the products and services we offer, as well as completed works. We hope that our website answers some of your questions, but you are always welcome to ask for a personalized offer or to get acquainted with our product and service selection.

Our main activities:

Purchase, sale, maintenance, and repair of large kitchen equipment Purchase, sale, and installation of store furnishings Purchase, sale, and installation of warehouse furnishings Special projects (custom orders according to customer's wishes)

Our main objectives:

To be a reputable and efficient company To offer quality products and services To establish long-term customer relationships and cooperation To offer customer-centric services as much as possible To offer comprehensive services: from idea to implementation

Name Gastro - source Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia: Gastronomy is the study of good food (including its preparation, hence the sometimes used term culinary art) and nutrition, encompassing all aspects of human food culture. Gastronomy can also be defined as "the appreciation of fine food". A person who practices this is then called a gastronome. The term "gastronomy" has a large overlap with the term "culinary arts".

Yours sincerely, Gastro Suurköögid OÜ