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Popcorn and cotton candy

Popcorn and cotton candy
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Stainless steel removable bowl, suitable for dishwashers.
The bowl is fastened by 4 secure clamps.
Motor housing finished with a pink coating.
Fitted with a drawer for sticks, sugar, dyes, etc.
Separate switches for power on and the heating elements, with integrated lamps.
Voltmeter showing actual voltage.
Sugar dispenser included.
Overload fuse protects the motor against burning in the event of a blockage.
Weight: 11 kg.

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347,00 €
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335,00 €

Integrated sugar drawer with 4 separate compartments.
Non-slip feet.
On/off switch.
Safety switch.
Adjustable thermostat.
Volt meter shows voltage.
Stainless steel tank.
Power: 800 watts.
External dimensions with tank: 520 mm x 520 mm x 485 mm.
Tank diameter: 500 mm.

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279,00 €

Protect the cotton candy machine from dust and dirt.
Made of plexiglass.
Suitable for HENDI cotton candy machine 282731.

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109,00 €

Professional popcorn machine, energy efficient and safe to operate.
Frame made of aluminum alloy, robust housing made of tempered glass and red powder coated steel.
The popcorn heating pan is fitted with a stirring unit and is easy to empty thanks to the use of a clamp.
With convenient popcorn scooping flap at the service side.
Large hinged service door made of acrylic glass.
The interior is illuminated, and the bottom of the popcorn chamber is heated to ensure nice warm popcorn.
With crumb drawer under the chamber for easy disposal of un-popped kernels and crumbs.
It takes approximately 2 minutes to create a batch of popcorn.
Net weight: ±25 kg.

SKU: 282748 ,   Qty: 141 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
417,00 €