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Dimensions 1170x950x2000mm.
Power 23 kW.
Holds 10 plates 450x600mm.

SKU: K.0078 ,   Qty: Send inquiry
3000,00 €

Dimensions 900x770x1000/1720mm.
Power 19 kW.
Holds 10xGN1/1.

SKU: K.0008 ,   Qty: Send inquiry
2500,00 €

Dimensions: 879 x 791 x 1782mm.
Power supply 400V, 63A, 37kW, 3N.

SKU: K.0314 ,   Qty: Send inquiry
4500,00 €

Dimensions: 730x849x951mm.
Power: 13.5 kw.
El. power: 500 W/230V.
Capacity 7 GN 1/1.
Distance between levels 68mm .
Adjustable temperature range 30-260 degrees.
Opens from left to right.
Used for 1 month.

SKU: K.0313 ,   Qty: Send inquiry
5800,00 €

Dimensions are 36,5 x 59,4 x 61.9 cm.
Power: 3200W.
Weight: 60,7 kg.
Built-in diagnostic testing.
Very easy to clean.
Convection fan setting, 10-100% in 1% steps.
Quiet operation (45,3 dBA in standby mode).
easyTouch®, icon-based touch screen user interface.
Easy access, front-mounted air filter.
USB memory stick data transfer for up to 1024 cooking profiles.
Accessory storage at the top of the device.
Suitable for a 600 mm work surface.

SKU: K.MERRYCHEF ,   Delivery time: 1-3 workdays
8020,00 €