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Baking oven with 2 shelves, with steamer and electronic control, Tecnoeka

Brand: Tecnoeka
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Number of heating elements: 6
Weight: 65 kg
In order to obtain a functional bakery set for professionals who value work on the highest quality devices, it is possible to combine the devices into one unit with:
MKLM1064 (degrowth chamber)
Millennial Touch Screen Bakery:
4 x 600x400 mm
6 x 600x400 mm
10 x 600x400 mm

Ideal solution for gastronomic establishments such as pizzerias, restaurants, canteens, bakeries or restaurant kitchens that value high-quality preparation of confectionery, baked goods and pizza with great accuracy of the production process
Programmable – possibility to save 50 recipes in the oven's memory
Chamber with tray capacity of 600x400 (model MKF D1T) or with a capacity for two 600x400 trays placed on one level (model MKF D2T)
User-friendly and intuitive touch control panel
Adjustment of heating elements and thermostats using the dedicated buttons on the control panel
Maximum temperature: 350 °C
Installed steamer system makes the oven suitable for even a large number of sophisticated pastries
Chamber made of AISI 430 stainless steel
Leakage factor IPX3

IP rating IPX3
Temperature range 30...350
Control panel digitaalne
Place of use indoor
Programmable yes
Main material metal
Heating heating element
Voltage, V 400
Material stainless steel
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5-piece set:
Base made of polystyrene.
Tray made of stainless steel, with a profiled rim.
Transparent cover made of ABS.
2 cooling elements.
NOTE: Before freezing, fill in the cooling element with water up to 90% of its volume.
The tray is also sold separately (code: 871829).

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33,50 €

For making juice of hard and soft fruits or vegetables.
With a large, 7 liter, pulp container.
Very powerful, can juice up to 120 kg per hour.
Housing, bowl, juicer basket and grating disk made of stainless steel.
Feeder tube and pusher made of ABS, pulp container and lid made of polypropylene.
Motor spins the grating disk at 3000rpm.
Safe in operation, will only work if the lid and safety arm are locked into place.
Very easy to disassemble and clean.
Not suitable for ice or frozen fruits/vegetables.

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889,00 €

Fixed shelves 6 x 588 x 496 mm
Weight: 95.5 kg

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1480,00 €

Small and elegant coffee machine perfect for cafés, bars, restaurants or offices
Easy-to-use mechanical water temperature control
Boiler automatically refilled with water
Built-in vibration pump
Boiler capacity: 3 L
1 boiling water nozzle
1 steam nozzle
Weight: 30.5 kg

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1640,00 €

White painted aluminum alloy housing.
Robust bowl made of AISI304 stainless steel.
Injection-molded plastic bowl guard.
Supplied with 3 accessories made of aluminium: a whisk, a mixer and a dough hook.
Digital control.
Robust SNCM21 alloy steel drive and gears, other components made of copper.
Shafts mounted in ball bearings.
Maximum dry flour load 1 kg / maximum dough load 1.6 kg.
A lever for lowering and raising the bowl.
Timer: up to 30 min.
Protection against activation of the mixer with the guard up or the bowl in the wrong position.
Capacity: 9.5 l.
Weight: 20 kg.
Power/voltage: 600 W/230 V, 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions: 336x483x(H)558 mm.

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