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SARO Ventilated bottle cooler model GTK 230

SKU: 437-1000
Brand: Saro
Delivery time: 3-5 weeks
790,00 €
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Material: (housing) steel enamel, white; (interior) plastic, white, (glass door frame) plastic, black.
Door lockable, self-closing, double glass.
5 adjustable grids.
LED interior lighting.
Analog Temperature Control.
Static cooling with circulation fan.
Temperature 0 / +10 °C.
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz - 0.180 kW.
Grids: 5x W 440 x D 380 mm.
Capacity: 230 liters.
External dimensions: W 530 x D 635 x H 1442 mm.
2 height-adjustable feet at the front, 2 swivel wheels at the back.
Weight: 59 kg.
Refrigerant: R600a.
Energy efficiency class: D (spectrum A to G).

Net weight, kg 58
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Temperature range: 5/22˚C.
Space for up to 72 bottles of wine – 232 l.
9 wooden shelves made of beech wood resistant to humidity level fluctuations.
Pull-out shelves.
Energy class: G (A-G).

SKU: 237557 ,   Qty: 4 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
1159,20 €

Material: (housing) steel stove-enamelled, black; (interior) light metal.
3 doors, self-closing, door stop cannot be changed.
6 height-adjustable grids.
Height adjustable feet.
Digital temperature control (DIXELL).
Insulation: 40 mm.
Forced air cooling.
Automatic defrost.
+2 / +8 °C.
Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz - 2.85 kW.
Grids: 6x W 430 x D 395 mm.
Content: 537 liters.
Internal dimensions: W 1622 x D 415 x H 720 mm.
External dimensions: W 2002 x D 513 x H 860 mm.
Weight: 106 kg.
Refrigerant: R600a.
Energy efficiency class: C (spectrum A+++ to E).

SKU: 323-4210 ,   Delivery time: 3-5 weeks
2130,00 €

Mõõtmed: 535x531x1752mm.
Sisemõõtmed: 420x380x1160mm.
Võimsus: 230W - 230/1N/50.
Temperatuur: 0 kuni +10 °C.
Külmutusaine: R600a.
Riiulid: 4tk 445x320mm.
Valgeks värvitud terasest väliskonstruktsioon.
Valge ABS sisemine struktuur.
Külmutus rullside ja ventilatsiooniga.
Mehaaniline termostaat.
Analoog termomeeter.
Isolatsiooni paksus 40 mm.
Topeltklaasiga klaasuks.
Uduvastane ventilaator ventilatsioon ukse välisklaasil.
Sisevalgustus LED ribaga.
Võtmelukuga uks.
Reguleeritavad jalad.

SKU: AX255RG ,   Delivery time: Ask for an offer ,   RST töölaud: ,   Sügavus, mm: ,   Kõrgus, mm: ,   Laius, mm:
795,00 €

This tall drinks fridge is ideal for catering businesses in which space is limited, but you still need a lot of capacity. It includes a user-friendly digital thermostat so you can set the exact temperature you need easily.

SKU: 09400922 ,   Qty: 20 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 workdays
1335,00 €

This drinks fridge is a compact tabletop model suitable for any professional catering business. Because of its size, you can easily place it on any bar or countertop. With a capacity of 80L, it is the ideal investment for cooling drinks in cans or bottles, or other snacks.

SKU: 09404010 ,   Qty: 20 ,   Delivery time: 5-14 workdays
425,00 €