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Gas pizza oven 4, Prismafood, Floor stand for oven, 1000x837x(H)960mm

SKU: 224625
Brand: Prismafood
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Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
305,00 €
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Floor stand for oven suitable for 220382
Dimensions: 1000x837x(H)960 mm

Stainless steel from.
Black-painted steel housing.
Chamber bottom lined with chamotte slab.
Door with a window to follow the baking process.
Handle alongside titling door.
Mineral wool insulation.
Temperature range: from 0˚C to 450˚C.
Chamber lightning.
Extra electrical connection (control and lighting).
Ovens must not be stacked due to flue gas extraction stack.
NOTE: while placing an order please specify the type of gas the oven should be adjusted to.

Product dimensions 837x1000x960mm
Place of use indoor
Main material metal
Manufacturing country Italy
Material stainless steel
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Made of food-grade polyethylene, harmless to human health.
It maintains freshness of dough and continuity of proofing process.
Stackable – with or without lids.
Lid sold separately (880968).
Dishwasher safe

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Pan thickness: 0.75 mm
Suitable for using in a wood-burning oven.

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Very lightweight and durable, made of anodized gold aluminum.
Holes for removing excess flour.
Sharpened rim and microperforation of the surface for easy levering and scooping of pizza.
*Dimensions may vary slightly, as the product is hand-made.

SKU: 617830 ,   Qty: 13 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
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