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HENDICHEF multi-purpose food processor, HENDI, 230V/1400W, 210x380x(H)320mm

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A modern food processor that enables:
– automatic cooking using preloaded recipes – guarantees the preparation of tasty and healthy meals in a flash
– manual cooking, i.e. setting and changing the parameters on the fly during the cooking process

Possibilities of the appliance – up to 20 functions:
– cooking
– crushing
– stirring
– folding
– steam cooking
– sautéing
– grating
– sous vide
– whipping
– melting
– caramelisation
– emulsification
– kneading
– shredding
– chopping
– grinding
– slicing
– mixing
– blending
– weighing

HendiChef construction:
– 4.5-litre multifunctional pot (working capacity 3 l) with a high-power heating element made of high-quality acid-resistant stainless steel (AISI 304 technology)
Transparent polycarbonate cover with a start sensor allows control over the process without opening it
2 types of covers: HOT COVER for hot food processing and COLD COVER for cold food processing
– 4-blade knives made of hardened stainless steel of AISI 420 class in a 3D arrangement
3-piece steaming set; includes:
a. 4.5 litre non-stick polymer steaming tray, mounted on the pot – for fast steam cooking
b. Steam topping unit to double the working area
c. Cover to reduce excess steam so that the food keeps its full aroma and crunchiness
– Motor housing – made of vibration-absorbing material; SLIDE LOCK technology prevents uncontrolled movement on the countertop (housing material – ABS)

– Food stirrer for boiled dishes
– Whisk – indispensable when making emulsions such as mayonnaise, whipping egg whites or cream
– Steam cooking basket
– 2-function chopping disk – with 13 teeth; slicing option
– Integrated scale (quartz) from 5 g to 5 kg with tare function.

Other accessories:
– Silicone spatula resistant to abrasion and temperature
– Measuring cup for precise dosing
The accessories are dishwasher safe

Technical parameters:
• Temperature control from 37°C to 130°C
• Timer: 0-90 min
• 12 stirrer speed settings
• 2 USB slots to upload recipes (on the bottom of the machine)
• Dimensions: 210x380x(H)320 mm
• Bowl volume: 4.5 l
• Heating power: 1000 W
• Motor power: 1000 W
• Mixing power: 1400 W
• Total power supply: 1400 W
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Voltage: 230 V
• Net/Gross weight: 8.21 kg /10.6 kg

A modern food processor that enables: – automatic cooking using preloaded recipes – guarantees the preparation of tasty and healthy meals in a flash – manual cooking, i.e. setting and changing the parameters on the fly during the cooking process Possibil
Voltage, V 230
Product dimensions 380x210x320mm
Control panel digitaalne
Place of use indoor
Manufacturing country China
Main material plastic
Material ABS-plastic
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Professional version.
Housing made of fiber reinforced nylon.
Stainless steel shaft and blade.
Easy to clean.
Shaft length: 250 mm.
Suitable for dishes up to 20 liters.
Weight 1,45 kg.
Speed 15.000 RPM.

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This blender can prepare anything: fruits, vegetables, cocktails, smoothies, desserts and even crushed ice.
Replaceable stainless steel blades with titanium coating.
Manual control panel power setting knob and a pulse switch.
Noise cover made of polycarbonate, the blender only works when the cover is completely closed.
Comes with 2,5L break-resistant polycarbonate jug, firm lid made of polypropylene and a small polycarbonate lid cover.
Detachable jug can withstand temperatures of -40°C up to 90°C.
Hi-speed motor with variable speed and pulse function drives the blades from 16000 RPM up to 24800 RPM (without load).
Equipped with over-heat and over-current protection.

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Enables simultaneous blending of a batch of products of a maximum volume of approx. 80 litres or 60 eggs.
Stainless steel 420 mm long blending arm.
Max. permissible immersion during operation: 370 mm
Adjustable speed of the mixing tip knife in the range of 1,500 – 12,000 rpm
Adjustable speed of the beater tip in the range of 200 – 1,800 rpm
Knife guard diameter: ø98 mm.

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During operation, this blender is almost silent, easy and convenient to use.
It has an attractive modern design, and most importantly, allows to achieve a high homogeneity of the final dish/drink.
The blender housing is made of transparent polycarbonate.
The material of the working vessel is plastic.
Stepless speed control and pulsation mode are provided.
Dimensions of this model: 239x219x642 mm.
Glass volume: 6 l.
The installation method is at the table.
Rotation speed 23 000 - 26 000 rpm Power: 2.8 kW, voltage: 230 V.

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