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Cast iron grill pan 51x27.4x2.7cm

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All lids are made of 1 mm stainless steel with steam release holes.
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Made of cast aluminium, suitable for all heat sources except induction and even suitable for use in ovens (up to 250°C).
Cast aluminium excels at conducting heat, the pan is quickly ready for use.
The handle is made from 18/10 stainless steel and remains cool during use.
The Whitford® Xylan non-stick coating has a high temperature resistance (up to 250°C).
Adhesion of the non-stick coating is improved by a layer of titanium between the aluminium and the coating.
This double-layer procedure improves the service life of the coating and provides additional scratch-resistance.
Very easy to clean after use.

SKU: 629208 ,   Qty: 250 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
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Teflon® Platinum Plus non-stick coating.
Long, stay-cool handle made from stainless steel.
Handle attached with rivets.

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