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Burning paste 4kg

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Replacement jar for blender 230718/230695/230688/230213/230602/230664.
2,5L break-resistant polycarbonate jug, firm lid made of polypropylene and a small polycarbonate lid cover.
The jar is fitted with blades made of stainless steel with titanium coating.

SKU: 943489 ,   Qty: 58 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
108,00 € (10%)
120,00 €

Insulated double-wall polished stainless steel structure reduces heat loss through conduction, convection and radiation.
Up to 20% lower energy consumption compared to similar single-walled percolators.
Body and tank made of stainless steel.
Welded stainless steel handles with silicone grip.
Anti-drip tap.
Glass gauge.
Descaling indicator.
Dripping tray with stainless steel grid.
Easy disassembly of parts for cleaning.

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147,60 € (10%)
164,00 €

Knives made of stainless steel.
Comes with 4 blades: 6, 9 and 13 mm, as well as a knife for 8 parts.
Mountable to working table or wall.
Handle covered by plastic for easier pressing.
Stainless steel mounting plate allows easy removal and cleaning.
With rubber feet to hold firmly when using on table.

SKU: 630402 ,   Qty: 31 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
172,80 € (10%)
192,00 €

Ideal for petrol stations, small shops, office kitchens and canteens to display any food that does not require special storage conditions.
Chamber capacity 75 liter.
With LED lighting at the top with on/off switch.
Housing made of stainless steels fitted with hardened safety glass.
Fitted with three adjustable glass shelves, slightly inclined towards the customer, 8 shelf settings available spaced 45 mm apart.
Black-painted steel bottom of the case with glass covering: 390x325 mm.
Bottom glass shelf: 365x250 mm.
Middle glass shelf: 365x230 mm.
Top glass shelf: 360x195 mm.
Black-painted steel top of the display case: 393x325 mm.
5 mm thick side glass.
Absence of front glass for self-service.
Magnetic, right-hinged rear glass door, opens to one side only.
Practical bottom recess of 260x320x(H)85 mm to store goods.
Supplied with 4 rubber, non-adjustable feet: 15 mm high.
Power cable: 1650 mm long with 230 V grounded plug.

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361,00 €

Shelves: 2 x 506 x 415 mm
Weight: 38.5 kg

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584,00 €