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Baskets with woven sides, HENDI, round, Black, 200x200x(H)65mm

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Made of polypropylene
Made of polypropylene
Diameter, mm 200
Product dimensions 200x200x65mm
Main material plastic
Colour black
Material polypropylene
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5-piece set:
Base made of ABS.
Tray made of stainless steel, with a profiled rim.
Transparent roll-top cover made of SAN, opened upwards up to 90°.
2 cooling elements.
NOTE: Before freezing, fill in the cooling element with water up to 90% of its volume.

SKU: 871805 ,   Qty: 47 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
59,50 €

Hopper and meat container Made of stainless steel.
Worm screw made of a special aluminium alloy.
Polyethylene pusher included.
Professional machine designed for mincing of all kinds of skinless and boneless meat.
Oil bathed gears (for smooth and extra quiet operation).
Mincing disc diameter: ø82 mm, holes: ø6 mm – Made of stainless steel.
Non-slip feet.
Weight: 24 kg.
Output: 300 kg/h
The appliance is not intended for continuous operation.

SKU: 282007 ,   Qty: 5 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
1040,00 €

4 chrome-plated shelves.
Energy class: D (A-G).

SKU: 235829 ,   Qty: 8 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
834,00 €

Dimensions of refrigerated chamber: 830x595x(H)500 mm
Basin capacity: 5x GN 1/6, max. H 150 mm
Delivered without containers
1 auxiliary fan in the refrigerated chamber
Weight: 68 k

SKU: 236222 ,   Qty: 2 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
1030,00 €

Suitable for natural gas.
Conversion set for propane gas included.
3 burners of 3.0 kW.
1 small burner of 1.8 kW.
1 wok burner of 3.5 kW.
Piezo ignition and thermocouple.
Three-part cast iron pan support.
Convection oven 1/1 GN with a capacity of 2.7 kW fitted with two ventilators, thermostat to 275°C and timer.
Includes 2 grids.
Additional upper element of 2.5 kW for grilling.
Stainless steel oven interior and inner door.
Weight: 78 kg.

SKU: 225707 ,   Qty: 29 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
1670,00 €