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Bakery basket GN size, HENDI, GN 1/2, GN 1/2, 325x265x(H)65mm

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Reinforced with a stainless steel frame.
Reinforced with a stainless steel frame.
Product dimensions 265x325x65mm
GN size 1/2
Main material plastic
Material polypropylene
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Shelves: 3 x 660 x 525 mm + 1 x 615 x 190 mm
Weight: 89 kg

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Cast iron housing with four sturdy legs.
Injection-molded plash cover and stainless steel bowl guard.
Durable 20L mixing bowl made from stainless steel AISI 201.
Supplies with stainless steel AISI 430 accessories: a wire wisk, a flat beater and a dough hook.
High performance worm drive made of chrome-coated steel and bronze gears.
Analog controls with 3-speed settings: 148, 244 and 480 rpm.
Maximum dry flour load: 5 kg.
Maximum dough load: 8 kg.
Bowl is positioned in place with a lever.
Protected against operating without a proper placed bowl or bowl cover.
Resettable overheating protection.
Weight: 78 kg.

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Intended for presentation and serving up to 4 hours.
Not intended for long term storage of frozen produce.
Body made of high-quality stainless steel, fitted with triple glazed cover with easy opening system.
Forced air cooling with auto-defrost, compressor placed next to the chamber.
Fits 8x GN 1/6 GN containers or 4x GN 1/3 containers, fit 150 mm high containers; GN not included.
With 4 adjustable stainless steel feet.
Digital temperature controller and display.
Refrigerant: R290.
Climate class: 4
Energielabel: E (A-G).

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Designed for transporting and storing dishes of different shapes and sizes.
Suitable for plates with a diameter of 11-33 cm.
Customizable design.
Made of polyethylene.
6 vessel separation columns.
Ergonomic build-in handles.
Fixed central castor, 4 swivel castors.
Resistance to mechanical damage.
Easy cleaning.
Supplied with vinyl lid.
Capacity: up to 480 plates.
Max. load: 227 kg.
Net weight: 30.9 kg.

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