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Water softener, semi-automatic, HENDI, 230V/18W, 195x360x(H)510mm

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The semi-automatic resin bed regeneration process using brine is initiated manually.
Weight: 8 kg.

Using water softeners helps extend the life cycle of catering equipment.
The softeners are based on an ion-exchange process wherein the calcium and magnesium ions that cause water hardness are captured by ion exchange resin inside the softener.
It helps reduce maintenance costs thanks to effective prevention of lime scale deposits The device is fitted with a control head that makes it possible to configure working parameters of the water softening system as required.
The elements inside the head are made of high quality ceramics, resistant to abrasion, corrosion and build-up of impurities (e.g. iron).
This technology assures perfect seal inside the controller and therefore long and trouble-free operation.
Navy blue housing.
Water connection diameter 3/4".
Working pressure: 1.5-6.0 bar.
Working ambient temperature: 5 – 38°C. water temperature: 38°C.
Regeneration time: 37 min.
Output for 10°dH – 1200 L.
Resin bed 4,0 L.
Regeneration tank: 8 kg.
Maximum water flow: 5 L/min.
Regeneration salt consumption per 1 cycle: 0.5 kg.

Product dimensions 360x195x510mm
Power 18W
Voltage, V 230
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