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Water kettle with lid, HENDI, 6L, ø245x(H)290mm

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Diameter, mm 245
Usable volume, L 6
Product dimensions 245x245x290mm
Main material metal
Material stainless steel
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With polypropylen non-drip tap.
Fitted with automatic reset.
Operates automatically and keeps drinks at serving temperature.
Cleaning indicator.
Temperature adjustable up to 110ºC.
Not suitable for hot chocolate.
Suitable for mulled wine.
Reversible lid can be used as tray and to keep the glasses/cups warm.

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Housing and heating element made of 304 stainless steel.
Handle, lid and base made of polypropylene.
360-degree swivel base.
Concealed heating element protected against scale which extends the lifetime of the heater and the entire kettle.
Indicator light informs that the heater is on.
External water level indicator.
Internal maximum water level indicator.
Automatic switch-off after boiling.
Double dry-boil protection.
Only suitable for boiling water, boiling other liquids will damage the appliance.

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For preparing beverages with indicated brewing conditions, such as green tea, white tea, or yerba mate.
AISI304 stainless steel housing and heater.
Polypropylene handle, lid, and base.
Temperature regulation and maintenance – water can be heated to one of these temperatures: 40°C, 60°C, 80°C, 100°C.
Heater placed under the bottom, protected against scale.
Control panel with digital display.
Thermostat indicator light.
Internal maximum water level indicator.
Automatic shut-off function after the water boiled.
Double protection against switching on an empty kettle.
Kettle can be rotated – 360° base.
CAUTION: intended for boiling water only, boiling other liquids may damage the kettle.

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Bain-Marie heating system prevents hot chocolate from being burned to the bottom.
Bottom of the container is made of stainless steel.
Side walls are made of Polycarbonate.
Drip tray with float indicator warning when full.
Protection against overheating.
Continuous stirring guarantees homogeneous consistency of chocolate.
Special anti-drip tap.
Temperature range: 65 to 85°C.
Required temperature of environment: 10 to 32°C.

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What could be better than a cup of hot chocolate to warm up in cold temperatures? You can easily do so with this hot chocolate dispenser. This white chocolate dispenser has a capacity of 10 litres and a tap to easily pour delicious chocolate milk.

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