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Saucepan - without lid, HENDI, Profi Line, 1L, ø140x(H)70mm

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Long, stay-cool handle made from stainless steel.

Every 'Profi Line' pan comes with 10 years of warranty on material, construction, and finishing errors. Damage due to improper use, accidents and / or wear and tear due to daily use are excluded from the warranty.
Thick sandwich bottom (stainless steel/aluminium/stainless steel) combines the heat spreading properties of aluminium with the durability and magnetic properties of stainless steel, making it suitable for use on induction stoves.
The bottom is formed by high impact bonding, causing the whole surface of the layers to weld seamlessly.
Solid handles, thanks to the clever way of mounting the heat from the pans isn't transferred into the handles.
The pans are acid resistant and easy to clean.

Diameter, mm 140
Handle length, mm 170
Usable volume, L 1
Bottom diameter, mm 115
Product dimensions 150x320x70mm
Material 18/10 ss
Main material metal
Series Profi Line
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