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Saucepan - without lid, HENDI, Profi Line, 1,5L, ø160x(H)75mm

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Long, stay-cool handle made from stainless steel.

Every 'Profi Line' pan comes with 10 years of warranty on material, construction, and finishing errors. Damage due to improper use, accidents and / or wear and tear due to daily use are excluded from the warranty.
Thick sandwich bottom (stainless steel/aluminium/stainless steel) combines the heat spreading properties of aluminium with the durability and magnetic properties of stainless steel, making it suitable for use on induction stoves.
The bottom is formed by high impact bonding, causing the whole surface of the layers to weld seamlessly.
Solid handles, thanks to the clever way of mounting the heat from the pans isn't transferred into the handles.
The pans are acid resistant and easy to clean.

Diameter, mm 160
Handle length, mm 175
Usable volume, L 1.5
Bottom diameter, mm 135
Product dimensions 170x345x75mm
Material 18/10 ss
Main material metal
Series Profi Line
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Programmable beverages include: espresso, long coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot milk, milk froth, hot water.
One touch cappuccino and latte macchiato.
Digital control panel and display of functions, commands and errors.
Built-in grinder with adjustable grind options.
Built-in coffee beans container: 250 g.
Suitable also for ground coffee.
Fresh water tank: 1,8 L.
Drip tray Adjustable coffee dispenser with scope of 80–140 mm.
Adjustable coffee strength: 7–14 g/portion.
Adjustable volume of beverage: 25–240 ml.
Adjustable volume of hot water: 25–450 ml.
Adjustable steam time: 3–120 s.
Coffee grounds container: 15 portions.
Individual and total beverages counter.
Automatic cleaning program.

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Top quality.
Scale inside the jug.

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Container accessories:
Camwear® perforated drain shelf for Camwear® GN 1/1 containers (10CWD135).
Camwear® seal cover – for Camwear® GN 1/1 containers (10PPCWSC190).

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Modern and fully automated coffee machine designed for small and medium sized cafés, hotels, motels, hostels, fuel stations, offices, canteens, catering establishments and anywhere one wants delicious and fast-brewed coffee.
Thanks to a simple and easy-to-read selection panel, the machine is ideal for self-service.
One-touch coffee brewing.
Digital controls, large 7-inch, colour touch screen.
Up to 14 programmable beverages: espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato, hot milk, hot frothed milk, hot water, double espresso, double cappuccino, double latte, double latte macchiato, double hot milk, double frothed milk.
Parameters of each of the programmes beverages may be individually adjusted for each customer.
Adjustable parameters: – coffee strength from weak to very strong, adjusted by reducing or increasing the amount of ground coffee per cup from 8 to 14 g – volume of coffee, by reducing or increasing the amount of hot water added – coffee temperature, by adjusting the brewing water temperature – “PRE-BREW” option which additionally boosts coffee strength and aroma – hot water amount for preparing other hot beverages, e.g.
tea, chocolate – hot water temperature, important when brewing e.g.
green teas which require lower temperature – hot milk dispensing time, e.g.
for cocoa – hot frothed milk dispensing time, e.g.
to prepare delicious cappuccino – brewed coffee and milk dispensing time.
Double heating unit system with two pumps makes it possible to dispense brewed coffee and hot milk to two cups in less than 50 s, which facilitates efficient and fast service.
Hot milk and hot frothed milk temperature adjustment function offers the possibility of serving even the most refined beverages.
Possibility to brew as much as 2 cups at the same time boosts the device's efficiency.
Movable coffee dispenser for cup of up to 165 mm in height.
Large, 1 kg coffee grains container assures the making of over 140 espressos without topping up.
Large, 6 L fresh water container makes it possible to dispense up to 240 espressos without topping up.
The coffee machine may be connected to water supply which assures continuous operation without pouring water.
Vibration pump offering 19 bar brewing pressure.
Coffee grounds container: up to 35 portions depending of coffee type.
Condensate container: 2 L.
Power cable length: 1.5 m.
Weight: 21 kg.

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Suitable for use on induction stoves.
Made of die cast aluminum with Teflon® non-stick coating.
Suitable for heat-sources up to 250˚C.

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30,50 €