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Maxima 900 Gas Bain Marie 80x90

SKU: 09398631
Brand: MAX
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Thermal insulation reduces energy consumption and keeps the external housing cool.
Temperature control from 65° to 95°C by 1° increments.
Reduction of energy consumption by up to 30%.
Digital control panel with display showing the set temperature and actual soup temperature alternately.
Removable lid made of tough, transparent polycarbonate.
Lid with insulated handle and ladle recess.
Aluminium water pan for efficient heat transfer.
Food pan made of 18/8 stainless steel.
Housing of polypropylene.
Ring allows safe and easy removal of food pan.
Overheating protection – with low water level alarm.
Soup name card holder in lid.

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Hendi tin with wick, contains 100% diethylene glycol.
Burns up completely.
Soot and odour free.
Special wick provides proper burning temperature and time.
The can does not overheat, no fuel holder needed.
Equal flame temperature and height during the whole burning process.
Box 4x6 tins.
Due to the special cap, it is possible to use the same can several times, store it and transport it safely.

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Material: stainless steel.
Bottom, double-walled made of stainless steel.
GN depth from 20 mm up to 150 mm.
4 smooth running wheels (2 with brakes).
Spiral feed cable 850 up to 2500 mm.
One drain tap per basin.
Easy to move.
Delivery without GN-containers.
Weight: 53 kg.
Dimensions: W 1304mm x T 700mm x H 850mm.
+30/+90 °C.
Conn.: 230 V - 50 Hz - 3 kW.

SKU: 126-1505 ,   Delivery time: 3-4 weeks
2599,00 €