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Hand mixer with xM-71 mixing arm, Sammic, 230V/750W, ø123x(H)mm

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Brand: Sammic
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Enables simultaneous blending of a batch of products of a maximum volume of approx. 200 litres.
Stainless steel 540 mm long blending arm.
Max. permissible immersion during operation: 490 mm.
Constant revolution speed: 12,000 rpm.
Knife guard diameter: ø123 mm.
Net weight: 4.57 kg.
Additional blending arms of the MA series (3030856, 3030855) sold separately.

High quality workmanship guarantees durability of appliances.
Easy to use.
Handle made of non-slip materials for comfortable holding of appliances.
Perfect for continuous operation without overheating the housing.
The light indicator of being plugged in guarantees user safety – the light comes on as soon as the mixer is connected to the power source.
The shape of the handle is designed to prevent the mixer from rolling around on the work surface when it is set aside and not working.
"Click-on-arm": arm replacement with quick and secure installation.
Noise level: <80 dB.
Blending and beater arms are dishwasher safe.
Additional mixing and beater arms sold separately.

Diameter, mm 123
Voltage, V 230
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Consists of two stainless steel whisks.
Safe and easy attachment to the driving unit.

SKU: 222263 ,   Qty: 45 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
121,50 € (10%)
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Professional version.
Housing made of fiber reinforced nylon.
Stainless steel shaft and blade.
Easy to clean.
Shaft length: 250 mm.
Suitable for dishes up to 20 liters.
Weight 1,45 kg.
Speed 15.000 RPM.

SKU: 224328 ,   Qty: 42 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
260,10 € (10%)
289,00 €

Professional version.
Housing made of fiber reinforced nylon.
Stainless steel shaft and blade.
Easy to clean.
Electronic control panel (9 speeds).
Shaft length: 300 mm.
Suitable for dishes up to 50 liters.
Weight: 3,45 kg.
Variable speed: 2000 - 9000 RPM.
Maximum speed: 13.000 RPM.

SKU: 224335 ,   Qty: 18 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
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For use in ice cream shops, restaurants, hotel kitchens, cafés and catering companies.
It’s perfect for preparing e.g. ice cream mixes, vegetable soups, purees, sauces, stuffings, mayonnaises, tomato paste, pesto, as well as whipped cream, creams, and omelettes – depending on which attachment is used.
Housing is made of durable blue polyamide.
Both attachments are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
Whisking arm is 350 mm long and can be immersed up to 200 mm.
Blending shaft is 400 mm long and can be immersed up to 290 mm.
Capacity up to 60 liters.
Blending arm speed: 2,500-11,000 rpm.
Whisking arm speed: 250-1500 rpm.
The set includes: a motor with variable speed, the mixing arm, the whisking arm, a wall mounted storage rack.

SKU: 224014 ,   Qty: 20 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
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478,00 €

A modern food processor that enables:
– automatic cooking using preloaded recipes – guarantees the preparation of tasty and healthy meals in a flash
– manual cooking, i.e. setting and changing the parameters on the fly during the cooking process

Possibilities of the appliance – up to 20 functions:
– cooking
– crushing
– stirring
– folding
– steam cooking
– sautéing
– grating
– sous vide
– whipping
– melting
– caramelisation
– emulsification
– kneading
– shredding
– chopping
– grinding
– slicing
– mixing
– blending
– weighing

HendiChef construction:
– 4.5-litre multifunctional pot (working capacity 3 l) with a high-power heating element made of high-quality acid-resistant stainless steel (AISI 304 technology)
Transparent polycarbonate cover with a start sensor allows control over the process without opening it
2 types of covers: HOT COVER for hot food processing and COLD COVER for cold food processing
– 4-blade knives made of hardened stainless steel of AISI 420 class in a 3D arrangement
3-piece steaming set; includes:
a. 4.5 litre non-stick polymer steaming tray, mounted on the pot – for fast steam cooking
b. Steam topping unit to double the working area
c. Cover to reduce excess steam so that the food keeps its full aroma and crunchiness
– Motor housing – made of vibration-absorbing material; SLIDE LOCK technology prevents uncontrolled movement on the countertop (housing material – ABS)

– Food stirrer for boiled dishes
– Whisk – indispensable when making emulsions such as mayonnaise, whipping egg whites or cream
– Steam cooking basket
– 2-function chopping disk – with 13 teeth; slicing option
– Integrated scale (quartz) from 5 g to 5 kg with tare function.

Other accessories:
– Silicone spatula resistant to abrasion and temperature
– Measuring cup for precise dosing
The accessories are dishwasher safe

Technical parameters:
• Temperature control from 37°C to 130°C
• Timer: 0-90 min
• 12 stirrer speed settings
• 2 USB slots to upload recipes (on the bottom of the machine)
• Dimensions: 210x380x(H)320 mm
• Bowl volume: 4.5 l
• Heating power: 1000 W
• Motor power: 1000 W
• Mixing power: 1400 W
• Total power supply: 1400 W
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Voltage: 230 V
• Net/Gross weight: 8.21 kg /10.6 kg

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