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Convection steam oven – Evolution New 5 x GN 2/3, with direct spray and a touchscreen

Brand: Tecnoeka
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User-friendly touchscreen control panel.
99 potential cooking programs.
Easy temperature control with a digital probe.
Pre-heating function with set manually.
Delayed start function (up to 24h).
Temperature range: 30-270°C.
Steam level control within the following range: 10-100%.
Core probe and probe holder (optional).
Additionally: configuration of manual washing.

Recommended for use in professional catering establishment, especially in open kitchens, cafeterias, bars, canteens.
Elegant, Italian design.
The small width (55 cm) allows the appliance to be placed also in small spaces, e.g. in a store or at a gas station.
Chamber made entirely of high-quality, AISI 304 stainless steel.
Removable slide guides for GN containers.
Double, heat-resistant glass with gasket
Steam is generated directly by spraying water on the fan.
Easy cleaning.
Door with right-hand hinges.
Internal, energy-efficient LED lighting.
Water connection: 3/4”.
Sewer outlet: ø30 mm.
Internal drain.
Semi-automatic washing as an option.
The product is also available in a marine version with altered voltage and safety features.
Dimensions: 550x754x662(H) mm.
Weight: 40 kg.
Guides interspaced at: 80 mm.
Power: 3.2 kW.
Voltage 220/230 V.
Capacity: 5 GN 2/3 trays.
1 fan with auto-reversing.
Waterproof class: IPX4.

Temperature range 100...270
Voltage, V 230
Product dimensions 754x550x662mm
Control panel digitaalne
Place of use indoor
Programmable yes
Main material metal
Heating heating element
Material stainless steel
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Performance: 288-480 dishes/day
Tray support spacing: 80 mm
Number of fans with auto-reverse: 4

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4 cleaning programs: Eco, Normal, Intensive, Rinsing, adapted to various levels of chamber contamination.
The new cleaning head allows water savings up to 30%.

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Base for the oven, stainless steel.

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Suitable for MILLENNIAL TOUCH SCREEN COMPACT and BLACK MASK 6 x GN 1/1, 10 x GN 1/1 ovens
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