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Cold showcase L1200

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The showcase "Liisa" is for short-term serving of chilled food at a temperature of +3°C to +5°C. The showcase is primarily intended for installation in a self-service line.
Digital thermostat.
Legs with adjustable height (+/- 15mm).
Top with LED lighting.
The top of the showcase is self-service (with hatches that can be lifted by the customer).
The first level has a cold compartment (suitable for e.g. storing drinks) and 3 glass shelves above it.
There are two slides on the server side.
In the lower part of the showcase there is a refrigerator with drawers that can hold 2x (GN 1/1 200) GN dishes.
The drawer opens 110% so that GN dishes can be conveniently placed in the drawer.
Drawer slides have retraction locking systems. Drawer sliders can be quickly replaced if necessary.
The device is designed to work in a room with a temperature of +10...+25 °C.

Product dimensions 1200x700x1575mm
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