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Bigoli extruder, HENDI

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For professional use in gastronomy
An extruder die for preparing thick pasta strands
Made of brass
22 holes measuring ø3 mm each
For use with the HENDI Pasta Machines 201596 and 201619

For kneading and extruding pasta made of fresh dough
Electronic panel enables switching between dough kneading and extruding ready-made pasta forms
Grating cover makes it possible to add ingredients also during operation
Cover micro-switch automatically trips the machine, thus improving personnel safety
Removable trough and mixing components can be washed in a dishwasher
Housing, through, agitator and cover made of AISI 304 stainless steel ensure long useful life
Diameter of pasta extrusion dies: Ø57 mm. Dies not included as standard. Order separately
Order the cut-off knife separately

Diameter, mm 570
Main material metal
Manufacturing country Italy
Material brass
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9-piece set:
2-level base made of ABS.
2 trays made of stainless steel, with a profiled rim.
2 transparent roll-top covers made of SAN, opened upwards up to 90°.
4 cooling elements.
NOTE: Before freezing, fill in the cooling element with water up to 90% of its volume.

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Dimensions of refrigerated chamber: 830x595x(H)500 mm
Basin capacity: 2x GN 1/1 + 3x GN 1/6, max. H 150 mm
Delivered without containers

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Housing made of reinforced polymer.
Transparent polycarbonate lid with a hole to add ingredients during operation.
Cutter bowl with capacity of 4.4 litre capacity, made of plastic and equipped with an ergonomic handle.
Double safety system – security microswitches: the appliance works only when the bowl and lid are fitted correctly.
Powerful 800 W motor, asynchronous.
Quiet operation of the appliance ensures high comfort of use
1 speed: 1,500 rpm.
Net weight: 14.2 kg.
Accessories sold separately.

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Fixed shelves 6 x 588 x 496 mm
Weight: 91.50 kg

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Very easy in use, cleaning, maintenance and even servicing
Perfect for washing plates, cutlery, glasses, mugs, trays
Electromechanical controls.

Housing made of stainless steel AISI 304
Separate spray arms for washing (plastic) and rinsing (stainless steel
Fixed washing arms at the top, rotating stainless steel rinsing arms
Solid double-skin door
Washing cycles number/duration: 1/120 s.

Capacity: up to 30 baskets/h.

Water consumption per cycle: 2-2,5 l (depending on water pressure)
Washing water temperature: 62°C, rinse water temperature: 85°C
Boiler (capacity/power): 6 l/3 kW for 230V and 6 kW for 400V
Tank (capacity/power): 35 l/2,8 kW.

Pump power: 0,75 HP.

Safety thermostat for boiler/for tank up to 105°C/99°C
Analog water thermometer for boiler.

IP44 protection class.

Weight: 57 kg
 1x universal baskets 500x500x(H)105 mm for glasses
, 1x basket with pins 500x500x(H)105 mm for plates
, 1x cutlery basket 110x110x(H)130 mm
, water supply hose length 1,5 m with connection 3/4” inner thread
, drain hose length 2 m Ø 25 mm
, power cord without plug, 
rinse aid dispenser
, adjusted for detergent pump installation (screw in tank rear wall). Vertically adjustable legs: ±10 mm, Ø 40 mm.

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