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Beer brewing kettle, HENDI, 230V/3000W

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Housing made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
Designed for homebrew from malt.
Automatic mode – the appliance memory allows to save up to 9 recipes made of 9 steps each.
Manual mode for brewing specialists to enable them to work on their own accord.
Intuitive control panel with a digital display of operating parameters.
Heating temperature range: from 25°C to 100°C, with the accuracy to 0.1°C.
Pump ensuring smooth and efficient mixing of the mash.
The scale inside the container (5 l scale) and the external gauge in the form of a glass tube (1 l scale) enable checking the filling level.
Bottom separating the fermenter from the pump and the control section – made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
Tempered glass cover.

Perfect for home brewers: contains a mash tun and all the necessary accessories. Professional yet easy to use equipment for lovers of home brewing.

Diameter, mm 400
Temperature range 30...100
Power 3000W
Place of use indoor
Manufacturing country China
Main material metal
Voltage, V 230
Heating heating element
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For making juice of hard and soft fruits or vegetables.
With a large, 7 liter, pulp container.
Very powerful, can juice up to 120 kg per hour.
Housing, bowl, juicer basket and grating disk made of stainless steel.
Feeder tube and pusher made of ABS, pulp container and lid made of polypropylene.
Motor spins the grating disk at 3000rpm.
Safe in operation, will only work if the lid and safety arm are locked into place.
Very easy to disassemble and clean.
Not suitable for ice or frozen fruits/vegetables.

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Very easy in use, cleaning, maintenance and even servicing.

Perfect for washing mugs, cups, glasses, cutlery, plates.

Electromechanical controls
Housing made of stainless steel AISI 304
Separate stainless steel spray arms for washing and rinsing
Solid double-skin door
Washing cycles number/duration: 1/120 s
Capacity: up to 30 baskets/h
Water consumption per cycle: 2-2,5 l (depending on water pressure)
Washing water temperature: 62°C, rinse water temperature: 85°C
Boiler (capacity/power): 3,5 l/2,5 kW.

Tank (capacity/power): 17 l/2,5 kW.

Pump power: 0,1 HP.

Safety thermostat for boiler/for tank up to 105°C/99°C
IP44 protection class.

Weight 39 kg.

 1x universal baskets 400x400x(H)150 mm for glasses
, 1x basket with pins 400x400x(H)110 mm for plates
, 1x cutlery basket 110x110x(H)130 mm
, water supply hose length 1,5 m with connection 3/4” inner thread
, drain hose length 2 m Ø 25 mm, 
power cord without plug, 
rinse aid dispenser,
 adjusted for detergent pump installation (screw in tank rear wall). Vertically adjustable legs: ±10 mm, Ø 40 mm.

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Fixed shelves: 6 x 425 x 412 mm
Weight: 71.50 kg

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Burners: 2x 6 kW + 2x 3.5 kW Suitable pots and pans: Ø 120-300 mm Thermocouple.
AISI 304 cooker top.
Side and back housing: AISI 430.
Cast iron grates 335x300 mm, one for each burner.
Cast iron burners.
GZ50 gas.
Extra LPG nozzles included.
No igniters or pilot flame – match-lit flame.
Steel feet with non-slip surface, with adjustment from 55 to 65 mm.
Weight: 35 kg.

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Burners: 2x 3.5 kW + 2x 6 kW
Suitable for natural gas, extra LPG nozzles included
Pans: ø120-300 mm
Cast iron pan support 335x300 mm, one for each burner
Cabinet closed on 3 sides, internal dimensions: 798x570x(H)470 mm
Cooker worktop: AISI 304, housing: AISI 430
Steel adjustable feet: 100-165 mm
Weight: 72 kg

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