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Air pot, HENDI, 2,2L, ø150x(H)340mm

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Stainless steel mantle.
With press system to tap drinks.
Inside made from stainless steel.

Stainless steel mantle. With press system to tap drinks. Inside made from stainless steel.
Diameter, mm 150
Usable volume, L 2.2
Product dimensions 150x150x340mm
Material 18/10 ss
Main material plastic
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Designed for catering companies to keep food and liquids warm.
Keeps the content on temperature for up to 6 hours.
Container and lid exterior made of 0.7 mm thick satin-finished stainless steel (AISI 201).
Container interior and lid interior made of 0.7 mm thick high-gloss polished stainless steel (AISI 304).
Fitted with two ergonomic insulated handles, each fixed with seven welds.
The insulated lid is fitted with a handle and air release valve for easy opening.
Lid seal is profiled and removable for easy cleaning.
The lid is securely closed with 6 latches.
Bottom fitted with a black rubber rim, this protects the container and makes it possible to stack multiple containers on top of each other.
Net weight: 707470 5.3 kg 707487 5.5 kg 707494 6.5 kg 707531 6.8 kg 707517 9.1 kg 707524 10.7 kg.

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Tight sealing lid with push button for pouring.
Double walled with glass inner bottle.

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Ideal for storage, transport and serving of hot and cold drinks.
Robust LDPE polyethylene housing.
Good polyurethane foam insulation.
4 heavy duty clamps, 25 mm wide, at either side of the jug, for easy and quick opening and closing.
Comfortable transport grips.
Tap distance from the floor: 95 mm.
Recessed tap - protection against transport damage.
Delivered with stickers for quick identification of drinks.
Vent for easier lid opening.
Shock and impact resistant.
Rounded chamber with grooves leading to the tap.

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Designed for catering establishments to keep food and drinks warm during transport.
The space between the walls is filled with a special insulating material, which ensures that the temperature is maintained for 6 to 8 hours.
Housing and lid made of AISI 430 steel, satin finish, thickness: 0.8 mm.
The interior and lid of the container made of AISI 304 steel, thickness: 0.8 mm.
Container interior made of high gloss polished steel, satin finished lid interior.
Two ergonomic handles, each fixed with nine seals for safe handling.
Insulated lid with handle and large vent valve for easy opening.
Thick silicone seal, removable – hygienic.
Lid with 6 snap fasteners.
Container bottom equipped with a black rubber ring fixed with screws, which ensures easier stacking of containers and protects the container as well as the ground against damage.
Stackable – different models up to 35 l.

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Double wall vacuum body and PP head.
Rotatable on base.
Zinc alloy lever designed for extra strength.
Lid opens to 125 degrees for brewing and is also detachable for cleaning.
Secure carrying handle.

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