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Accessori butcher saw, Ambrogio Sanelli, (L)580mm

SKU: 1306.045
Brand: Ambrogio Sanelli
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Interchangeable stainless steel blade (AISI 420).
Blade dimensions: 450x20 mm (total length: 475 mm).
Hardness: 54-55HRC.
Powder-coated carbon steel (AISI570) frame.
Profiled handle and blade lock made of Haiplen® modified polypropylene.
Weight: 0.905 kg.

Ambrogio Sanelli line of professional kitchen accessories for slicing or processing food.
Functional and easy to use, perfect for professionals.
High quality products made of the best raw materials that ensure their long product life.

Handle length, mm 130
Blade length, mm 450
Product dimensions 38x580mm
Main material plastic
Material PA
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Firm grip.
Spiked surface for pork and beef.
Plain surface for fish and poultry.

SKU: 513002 ,   Qty: 808 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
10,50 €

Modern and effective tool for meat improvement, the interspaced vertical blades reduce the length of meat fibers.
Perfectly tenderizes meat by softening the tissue and flattening meat at the same time.
Marinating time can be reduced by up to 25%, because the surface area of the meat is significantly increased.
During frying, the subtle perforation will allow sauces poured over the meat to penetrate.
Soft springs, easier use, better result.

SKU: 843499 ,   Qty: 337 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
22,90 €

Intended for tying up and hanging up meat and other produce to give them a uniform shape before smoking, steaming, or baking.
The string is made of white cotton yarn reinforced with polyester yarn.
Twine thickness: tex 600.
Twine strength: 24 (+/-5%) [DAN].
For use:
– cooking 2.5 h – 90°C.
– smoking: 3 h – 150°C.
Free of heavy metals.
Has a PZH certificate (National Institute of Hygiene) and declaration of conformity.

SKU: 559253 ,   Qty: 174 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
3,50 €

Butcher's hooks are an accessory for butchers, recommended for use in professional kitchens.
The hooks have high load bearing capacity thanks to their robust stainless steel construction.
Dishwasher safe.
Available in several models fitting rods of the following diameters: ø17 mm, ø35 mm, ø45 mm.
The set includes 4 hooks.

SKU: 513545 ,   Qty: 14 ,   Delivery time: 5-10 workdays
5,60 €
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