Печь пароконвекционная (пароконвектомат) Millennial Smart Bakery, 4× 600×400 мм – с электромеханическим управлением, газовая, Tecnoeka, 230V/9300W, 9300kW, 850x1041x(H)801mm

Артикул: MKF464GS
Бренд: Tecnoeka
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A series of extremely easy to use, new convection steam ovens Millennial Smart.

Group of Smart Gastro ovens for gastronomy – a smaller cooking chamber with guide rails for GN 1/1 containers.

Group of Smart Bakery ovens for confectioneries and bakeries – a larger cooking chamber with guides rails for 600×400 mm trays.

Both groups feature ovens in four sizes.
This wide range allows you to choose an ideal oven to prepare from 72 to 480 meals per day.

Ovens of each group are available in electric and gas versions.

3-knob electromechanical control.
Easy setting of the most important parameters, requiring no special training.
Food can be prepared in dry, hot air or using the 5-step steam level control.
All the options are also available in the convection function.

1 – Time adjustment from 10 to 120 minutes or NON STOP operation
2 – Temperature regulation in the range of 100°C÷270°C in the electric version and 100°C÷260°C in the gas version
3 – 5-step steam level control
Steam generated by direct water spray with 5-step steam level control
Safety door – opening lock at 60°, 90°, 120° and 180° prevents burns to the operator due to uncontrolled door movement after opening
Double-glazed chamber door and LED lighting facilitate observation of the processes in the oven
Gravity-cooled outer glass for increased personnel safety
Door with right-hand hinge
An easy-to-open inner door glass for easy cleaning
Door seal made of thick and heat resistant silicone, mounted in the oven housing, easy to replace without calling for service
Insulated oven housing not only saves electricity, but also increases the safety of kitchen staff
A trough under the door prevents condensed steam from dripping, especially in the mixed cycle and steaming.
A dry floor underneath and in front of the oven guarantees safe working conditions for the staff
Oven chamber made of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel
Pressed cooking chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning of the oven
All stainless steel housing
Water protection rating: IPX4 – electric versions, and IPX3 – gas versions
Adjustable feet ensure perfect leveling of the oven, with direct effects on its operation
Connection to electricity, treated water, sewerage system required
Gas ovens:
factory-adapted for natural gas GZ50 (Polish designation), or G20 (European designation)
supplied with additional nozzles for propane-butane
gas connection: ½”

Kaitseklass IPX3
Temperatuurivahemik 100...270
Kasutuskoht sisetingimustes
Kütteelement gaasipõleti
Juhtpaneel analoog
Põhimaterjal metall
Toitepinge, V 230
Tootjamaa Itaalia
Materjal kahekordne klaas
Kokku sobivad tooted
Совместим с духовыми шкафами Hendi: MKF464S, MKF664S, MKF1064S.
Артикул: 229538 ,   Кол-во: 5 ,   Время доставки: 5-10 рабочие дни
401,00 € (4%)
417,70 €
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