Печь пароконвекционная (пароконвектомат) Millennial Black Mask Bakery, 16× 600×400 мм – с электронным управлением, электрическая, Tecnoeka, 400V/31000W, 930x1035x(H)1900mm

Артикул: MKF1664BM
Бренд: Tecnoeka
Кол-во: 1
Время доставки: 5-10 рабочие дни
12500,00 €
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Производительность: 288-480 блюд / сутки.< br />Расстояние между направляющими: 80 мм< br />Количество вентиляторов с автореверсом: 4< br />Основание: 229538

A series of modern convection steam ovens Millennial Black Mask. The name is no accident – the black 7-inch touch control panel completely disappears into the background of the black frame of the door when the oven is turned off.Group of Black Mask Gastro ovens for gastronomy – a smaller cooking chamber with guide rails for GN 1/1 containers.Group of Black Mask Bakery ovens for confectioneries and bakeries – a larger cooking chamber with guides rails for 600×400 mm trays.Both groups feature ovens in four sizes. This wide range allows you to choose an ideal oven to prepare from 72 to 480 meals per day.Ovens of each group are available in electric and gas versions.Millennial Black Mask ovens have two patented features:Airflowlogic™An innovative solution consisting in a complete redesign of the deflector (fan cowl). The effect is an improved air circulation which ensures the best results in even cooking on every level and in every place of a GN container or a 600×400 mm tray. A Millennial oven with the Airflowlogic™ patent delivers the ultimate in kitchen performance.Humilogic™New humidification system that feeds water directly from the fan. It provides high humidity levels and much less water consumption. In this system, steam reaches all the way into the cooked food, which enhances its natural taste and aroma. Humilogic™ is the solution for top chefs who expect best results.1-POINT PROBEA one-point probe for determining and measuring the temperature inside the cooked product.ELECTRONIC 7-INCH TOUCH CONTROL PANELThe electronic control allows very precise setting of required cooking parameters.All parameters and functions are indicated either numerically or by icons.The control panel of Millennial Black Mask ovens allows you to use many very interesting and innovative features:AUTOMATIC WASHING SYSTEM. Installed as standard in Gastro and Compact electric ovens. 4 washing programmes: ECO, NORMAL, INTENSE, RINSING, adapted to the different levels of soiling of the chamber. Up to 30% water savings with the new washing head – you not only save money, but also help to protect the environment.Optional in gas ovens.PRE-HEATING – pre-heating of the cooking chamber to the temperature 30 degrees higher than the set temperatureHOLDING – keeping food at a suitably high temperature directly after the cooking cycle is completedCOOLDOWN – rapid cooling of the cooking chamber in order to start another cooking process that requires a much lower temperatureUSB port for quick and easy download and upload of cooking recipes and HACCP dataPROOFER – the oven serves as a proofing chamber – a useful function in bakery and confectionery versionsHOLDING CABINET – the oven serves as a holding cabinet, it maintains the correct temperature and proper moisture level of dishes until they are served. Delayed oven start up to 24 hours – a useful function to prepare the oven or the dish before the staff arrives at work. A 100 recipe cookbook, each with 10 possible steps to be defined one after another3 fan speeds: maximum 2800 rpm, minimum 1500 rpmFan power: normal, semi-static, ½ powerDELTA T cooking10-step steam level controlTemperature regulation in the range of 30°C÷270°C for electric ovens and 30°C÷260°C for gas ovensAdjustable operating time up to 11 h, 59 min or continuous NON STOP operationPossibility of storing the date and current timeOTHER FEATURES OF MILLENNIAL BLACK MASK OVENS:Safety door – opening lock at 60°, 90°, 120° and 180° prevents burns to the operator due to uncontrolled door movement after openingDouble-glazed chamber door and LED lighting facilitate observation of the processes in the ovenGravity-cooled outer glass for increased personnel safetyDoor with right-hand hinge. It is possible to order the oven with left-hand hinge – option at extra charge. Option only available from the factory. No subsequent modification of the door is possible.An easy-to-open inner door glass for easy cleaningDoor seal made of thick and heat resistant silicone, mounted in the oven housing, easy to replace without calling for serviceInsulated oven housing not only saves electricity, but also increases the safety of kitchen staff A trough under the door prevents condensed steam from dripping, especially in the mixed cycle and steaming. A dry floor underneath and in front of the oven guarantees safe working conditions for the staffOven chamber made of high quality AISI 304 stainless steelPressed cooking chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning of the ovenAll stainless steel housingWater protection rating: IPX4 – electric versions, and IPX3 – gas versionsAdjustable feet ensure perfect leveling of the oven, with direct effects on its operationConnection to electricity, treated water, sewerage system requiredGas ovens:factory-adapted for natural gas GZ50 (Polish designation), or G20 (European designation)supplied with additional nozzles for propane-butanegas connection: ½”

Kaitseklass IPX4
Temperatuurivahemik 30...270
Toote mõõtmed 1035x930x1900mm
Juhtpaneel digitaalne
Kasutuskoht sisetingimustes
Programmeeritav jah
Põhimaterjal metall
Kütteelement soojuselement
Toitepinge, V 400
Materjal kahekordne klaas
Kokku sobivad tooted

Для профессионального кейтеринга< br />Изготовлено из нержавеющей стали AISI 304< br />Вместимость: 16x 600x400< br />Расстояние между направляющими: 80 мм< br />Съемная ручка< br />Блокируемые колеса< br />Подходит для духовых шкафов: MKF 1664 < br />S / BM / GBM / TC / GTC

Артикул: EKCR16TC ,   Кол-во: Распродано ,   Время доставки: попросить предложение
2450,00 €
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