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Sous Vide 5 - 30L
Sous Vide 5 - 30L Sous Vide 5 - 30L
Sous Vide 5 - 30L
1 166.00 € + VAT
max. container capacity: 30 l or GN 1/1 (H) 200 mm
– Thanks to a solid structure and a housing made of thick stainless steel, it is used in professional gastronomy
– Control panel and handle made of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide
– Precise temperature control system allows you to obtain repeatable cooking results, while maintaining the quality of the product, also improving its taste and texture
– It allows you to cook food in a vacuum bag without direct contact of food with water, which has a positive effect on enhancing the aroma, eliminates the loss of food weight and allows you to use the broth produced in the bag for cooking sauces
– It allows you to flavor oil, fat or other similar products using the technique of temperature control
– Thanks to a simple and intuitive control panel, the device requires short direct control time, allowing the cook to perform other tasks while preparing the product
– Waterproof, color TFT 3.5” display with cooking parameter indication: time, actual temperature and set temperature
– Temperature range: 5-95°C
– Reading accuracy: 0.01 °C
– Timer: from 1 min to 99 h, 1 min gradation
– Bluetooth connection
– Optional probe thermometer
– Possibility to change temperature units °C and °F
– Possibility to calibrate the device
– Auto-restart
– Minimum water level indicator on the housing
– Timer operation modes – continuous operation, continuous work with timer, with set time – all this to make the work in your restaurant even better organized
– Possibility to save cooking programs via Bluetooth
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Code: 1180100

Dimensions: 116x128x330mm

Power: 1,6kW /230V

Manufacturer: Hendi

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