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Storage counter GTPB-225
Storage counter GTPB-225
1 690.00 € + VAT
Working temperature of -2 ºC to +8 ºC in climate Class IV conditions
Suitable for containers GN 1/1 of 100 and 200mm depth.
Stainless steel drawers with perforated bottom plates and telescopic sliding guides, capable of complete retraction, to economize working surface. Other drawer configurations are also available upon request.
Self-closing sliding guides and opening stoppers.
Control panel and engine ventilation with pivoting front opening.
Intuitive digital control allows temperature parameters to be adjusted easily and quickly
Forced draft evaporator with anti-corrosion cover.
Automatic evaporation of defrost water. Hot gas coming from the compressor is used to automatically evaporate defrost water, instead of by means of heating elements, achieving even less energy consumption and reducing in half defrost time.
Rounded edge interiors, easier cleaning operations to reduce potential dirt traps.
The drawer close to compressor system is 200mm deep and the usable height is 250mm
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Code: GTPB-225

Dimensions: 2242x700x584mm

Power: 204W / 230V

Manufacturer: Asber

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