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Pastakeetja EKT40
Pastakeetja EKT40
290.00 € + VAT
With the help of professional PASTA COOKER HURAKAN HKN-EKT40 you can easily and quickly cook pasta, various dough products, cereals, vegetables, sausages, eggs, shrimps, and much more.
The equipment housing is made of stainless steel.
The cooking process is carried out at a temperature of 50-110 °C.
One cover and four cylindrical baskets are included.
Each basket has a diameter of 130 mm, a depth of 140 mm and a volume of 1.8 liters. Cylindrical baskets can be replaced with rectangular ones, the length of which does not exceed 145 mm, and the width does not exceed 295 mm.
The liquid is poured into the pasta cooker manually.
Also, each kit includes two taps which drain the water when the product is ready.
The equipment is perfect for small catering establishments.
Number of tanks - 2 pcs.
Tank capacity 8 l.
The total weight of the model is 22 kg
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Code: HKN-EKT40

Dimensions: 420x470x360(540)mm

Power: 4kW / 230V

Manufacturer: Hurakan

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