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Potato Peeler 18
Potato Peeler 18
1 379.00 € + km.
Made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel with plastic components of high mechanical resistance. They are equipped as standard with the side abrasive surface (easily removable by hand) and potato disk in cast aluminium covered with high thickness carborundum. 
The CE professional version adopts an electronic digital board that controls 
all commands, the electronic valve for the water jet and the micro 
switch, both on the lid and on the discharge door. All models are 
predisposed for the insertion of the drawer with filter and have the 
possibility to allow the discharge on the ground or to the wall
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Code: PX18

Dimensions: 440x660x950mm

Power: 900W / 230V - 400V

Tootlikus: 500kg/h

Manufacturer: Amitek

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