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Dough roller 500x1400mm
Dough roller 500x1400mm
Dough roller 500x1400mm
3 696.00 € + VAT
Conveyor belt: 500 x 1400 mm
Table equipment
For dough up to Ø 500 mm
Easy control of dough thickness
Collapsible for easy storage
Adjustable speed conveyor belts
Removable collection device on the ends of the conveyor belts, so that the dough cannot fall off
​No dough sticking
Low heat generation
Body made of premium stainless steel
Dough roller made of plastic and brushed aluminium
Powerful motor
Simple operation
Easy to clean
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Code: TAMZ514

Dimensions: 1800x880x650mm

Power: 750W / 400V

Manufacturer: GGM

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