Газовая фритюрница 13+13л LOTUS 80х70.5х28см

Артикул: F2/13T-78G
Бренд: Lotus
Время доставки: 4-6 недели
2877,00 €
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Productivity 20kg/h.
Basket size 28x29x10cm.

Construction - Fabricated using CrNi 18/10 AISI 304 grade Stainless Steel Scotch-Brite Satin polish Finish, incorporating 2 mm thick worktop, rounded edges, chromed details and rear splash back. Knobs with waterproof grades IPX5.

Model - Professional Gas Fryer. With single or Double tank to include both basket and lids, tank filter with basket support. Burners with Piezoelectric ignition and pilot light, thermostatic and thermocouple safety valves. Front oil drain.

Maintenance - All serviceable parts are accessible by the easy removal of front control panel.

Fittings - Appliance is supplied with both LPG and Natural Gas conversion jets and adjustable feet.

Maht 26L
Toote mõõtmed 80x70,5x28cm
Võimsus(gaas) 24 kW
Tootjamaa Itaalia
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