Картофелечистка серия PI-30, Sammic, Модель PI-10, 400V/730W, 760x622x(H)950mm

Артикул: 1000630
Бренд: Sammic
Кол-во: 1
Время доставки: 5-10 рабочие дни
4840,30 €
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Производительность устройства: 600-720 кг/ч< br />Эффективный двигатель мощностью 730 W< br />Загрузка: 30 кг< br />Вес нетто: 56,9 кг

It features a powerful, reliable motor that is perfect for any restaurant.
A professional appliance for peeling potatoes, beets, carrots, and other tuberous vegetables.
Housing made of stainless steel.
Aluminium side door with airtight seal and safety mechanism.
The side stirrers are coated with silicone carbide abrasive material (NSF certified).
The aluminium base plate is coated with silicone carbide abrasive material (NSF certified).
Lifting, transparent polycarbonate lid enables controlling the vegetable peeling process.
Water-resistant control panel with buttons: START, STOP.
High resistance to moisture and splashing water due to its tightness factor: IP65.
Timer with adjustable time range: 0-6 minutes and the possibility of continuous operation.
Low energy consumption thanks to motor optimisation.
A water connection is required.
Noise level of approx. 70 dB.

Tootlikkus 720 kg/h
Võimsus 730W
Juhtpaneel digitaalne
Kasutuskoht sisetingimustes
Programmeeritav jah
Põhimaterjal metall
Tootjamaa Hispaania
Materjal alumiinium
Toitepinge, V 400
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