Картофелечистка 5 кг, HENDI, Kitchen Line, Картофелечистка 5 кг, 230V/550W, 622x540x(H)802mm

Артикул: 229200
Кол-во: 29
Время доставки: 5-10 рабочие дни
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Барабан объемом 12 л из прочной нержавеющей стали.< br />Нагрузка: 5 кг< br />Производительность: 70-100 кг/час< br />Вес нетто: 39,2 кг< br />Подключение воды, слив для мытья овощей< br />Возможность стабильного крепления очистителя к полу

Intended for professional use, ideal for industrial kitchens, institutional kitchens or any kitchen that must peel fast amounts of potatoes and other root vegetables a day.
Peels the potatoes by means of an abrasive disc and abrasive pads on the inside of the drum.
Drum, disc and abrasive pads made of high-quality stainless steel, resulting in a very durable, efficient and easy to clean machine.
Abrasive disc is fitted with aluminum alloy agitators.
The lid is made of durable polycarbonate; lets you keep an eye on the peeling process.
Thanks to the powerful engine peeling a single load only takes 2 to 3 minutes.
Control panel fitted with an 8-minute timer and control lights.
Very safe to operate, a micro switch stops the peeler when the cover is opened.
Fitted with a freshwater and drain connection, for rinsing potatoes during peeling.
With an effective peel collection trap, consists of 2 containers of which one is perforated, prevents the clogging of the sewage system.
Legs are fitted with plastic feet for stability, two legs have mounting plates for secure mounting to the floor.
Water resistance class: IP23.

Kaitseklass IP23
Võimsus 550W
Kasutuskoht sisetingimustes
Sari Kitchen Line
Põhimaterjal plastik
Toitepinge, V 230
Materjal roostevaba teras
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