Газовый гриль с рамкой LOTUS 120x70,5x90см, гладкий

Артикул: FTL-712G
Бренд: Lotus
Время доставки: 4-6 недели
3421,00 €
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A smooth plate dimensions: 116 x 51 cm.

Construction - Fabricated using CrNi 18/10 AISI 304 grade Stainless Steel Scotch-Brite Satin polish Finish, incorporating 2 mm thick worktop, rounded edges, chromed details and rear splash back. Knobs with waterproof grades IPX5.

Model - Professional Gas Griddle, Smooth, Ribbed or 50 / 50, Normal or Chrome, on open cabinet. Normal Plate in FE430B Steel and Chrome in FE510C Steel. High durability and rapid heat up. Burners with Piezoelectric ignition and pilot light, 50 - 300degC control, thermostatic and thermocouple safety valves, Removable liquid containers.

Maintenance - All serviceable parts are accessible by the easy removal of front control panel.

Fittings - Appliance is supplied with both LPG and Natural Gas conversion jets and adjustable feet. Doors not included.

Toote mõõtmed 120x70,5x90cm
Võimsus(gaas) 21 kW
Tootjamaa Itaalia
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