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Potato peeler 30kg
Potato peeler 30kg
4 140.00 € + VAT
– performance 600 - 720kg/h
– Professional device for peeling potatoes, beetroots, carrots and other tuberous vegetables
– Lower part of the chamber in the form of an aluminum rotating plate coated with silicone carbide abrasive (NSF certification)
– 3 abrasive elements 
– Stainless steel housing, side aluminum door for removing peeled vegetables
– Transparent polycarbonate hinged lid allows process control
– Low energy consumption thanks to motor optimization
– Safety switch for lid and door
– Leakage coefficient: IP65
– High resistance to moisture and water splashing
– Waterproof control panel with buttons: START, STOP
– Timer with adjustable 0-6 minutes and continuous operation mode
– Water connection required
– Water inlet with a valve preventing backflow of water to the water supply network
– Side or vertical bottom drain with a diameter of 80 mm to choose from during assembly
– Noise level: approx. 70 dB
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Code: 1000630

Dimensions: 622x760x950mm

Power: 730W / 400V

Tootlikus: 600 - 720kg/h

Manufacturer: Hendi

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