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Dimensions: 414 x 414 x 401 mm.
Electrical connection: 1N/PE / 230V / 50 Hz.
Power: 600 watts.
Removable stainless steel insert.
Adjustable temperature.
Lockable lid.
The body is made of premium stainless steel.

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Housing Made of stainless steel.
Oven chamber made of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel.
7-inch touch control panel.
A one-point probe for determining and measuring the temperature inside the cooked product.
Automatic washing system with 4 washing programmes: eco, normal, intensive, rinse.
Up to 30% water savings with the new washing head.
Pre-heating function for initial heating of the oven chamber.
HOLDING – keeping food at a suitably high temperature directly after the cooking cycle is completed.
COOLDOWN – rapid cooling of the cooking chamber in order to start another cooking process that requires a much lower temperature.
USB port for quick and easy download and upload of cooking recipes and HACCP data.
Delayed oven start up to 24 hours.
A 100 recipe cookbook (each with 10 possible steps to be defined one after another).
Fan power: normal, semi-static, ½ power.
Delta T cooking function, 10-step steam level control.
Temperature control from 30°C to 270°C.
Adjustable operating time up to 11 h, 59 min or continuous non stop operation.
Possibility of storing the date and current time.
Humilogic™ – new humidification system that feeds water directly from the fan; ensures high level of humidity and significantly lower water consumption.
Insulated oven housing.
Gravity-cooled outer glass.
Door seal made of thick and heat resistant silicone, easy to replace.
A trough under the door prevents condensed steam from dripping.
Adjustable feet ensure perfect leveling of the oven.
Water protection rating: IPX 4
2 fans with auto-reversing.
Opening lock at 60°, 90°, 120° and 180°.
Double-glazed chamber door and LED lighting facilitating observation of the processes in the oven.
Door with hinge on right side (it is possible to order the oven with left-hand hinge – option at extra charge).
Pressed cooking chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning of the oven.
An easy-to-open inner door glass.
Guides for GN 1/1 containers.
Guides interspaced at: 68 mm.
Output: 105-140 dishes/day
Oven stand: 229521.
CAUTION: Connection to electricity, treated water, sewerage system required.

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Dimensions 1170x950x2000mm.
Power 23 kW.
Holds 10 plates 450x600mm.

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3000,00 €

Dimensions: 800x800x420mm.
EU power: 7500w/380v.
Capacity 4 plates GN 1/1 - 530X325MM

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550,00 €

Dimensions: 800x800x900mm.
Electric power: 13kw/380V.

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750,00 €

Dimensions 900x770x1000/1720mm.
Power 19 kW.
Holds 10xGN1/1.

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2500,00 €

Dimensions: 879 x 791 x 1782mm.
Power supply 400V, 63A, 37kW, 3N.

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4500,00 €