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Dimensions: 414 x 414 x 401 mm.
Electrical connection: 1N/PE / 230V / 50 Hz.
Power: 600 watts.
Removable stainless steel insert.
Adjustable temperature.
Lockable lid.
The body is made of premium stainless steel.

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130,00 €
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Ideal for mulled wine and boiling water for tea, operates automatically and keeps drinks at serving temperature.
Single-walled brushed stainless steel housing and lid with safe “Twist-lock” system.
Fitted with cool-touch grips, cover handle and anti-drip spout, all made of polypropylene.
Clear level indicator in liters.
Maximum cup height: 130 mm (without drip tray).
With silicone protected power switch and indicator lights for heating and keep warm.
Temperature can be set from 30° to 100°C.
Scale-protected heating element under the tank with overheat protection.
Not suitable for chocolate milk.

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144,00 €

Dimensions 1200x900x900/1300mm.
Temperature +2...+6.

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1200,00 €

For professional use in the catering industry and other industries
For packing food and technical products, including those with a high water content
Durable design – casing and chamber made of high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel
Transparent lid made of durable high-quality ABS plastic makes it possible to control the packaging process
Convex lid and concave bottom make it possible to pack large portions
V-shaped gasket with a low leak rate
Clear indicators (digital display and dial gauge) make it possible to pinpoint the moment when the required vacuum level is reached in the chamber of the packaging machine
Adjustable pump operation time makes it possible to obtain an appropriate vacuum level in 0-99 s
Adjustable sealing time within the range of 0-3.5 s
Adjustable pump cooling level within the range of 0-9.9 s
The packing cycle starts automatically when the upper lid is closed
Oil pump ensures a short and very efficient packing cycle
Pump performance: 167 l/min
Chamber dimensions: 280x385x(H) max. 130 mm
Net weight: 36 kg
To be used with smooth and embossed bags

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1090,00 €
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Suitable for quick and easy sharpening of knives.
Sand paper easy to change.

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228,00 €

Dimensions 1170x950x2000mm.
Power 23 kW.
Holds 10 plates 450x600mm.

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3000,00 €

Dimensions: 800x800x420mm.
EU power: 7500w/380v.
Capacity 4 plates GN 1/1 - 530X325MM

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550,00 €

Dimensions: 800x800x900mm.
Electric power: 13kw/380V.

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750,00 €

Dimensions 900x770x1000/1720mm.
Power 19 kW.
Holds 10xGN1/1.

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2500,00 €

Dimensions: 879 x 791 x 1782mm.
Power supply 400V, 63A, 37kW, 3N.

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4500,00 €