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Dimensions: 414 x 414 x 401 mm.
Electrical connection: 1N/PE / 230V / 50 Hz.
Power: 600 watts.
Removable stainless steel insert.
Adjustable temperature.
Lockable lid.
The body is made of premium stainless steel.

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130,00 €
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Housing is made of rolled steel painted white, easy to clean.
Inner pot made from aluminium with a non-stick coating, easy to clean.
The twist lock, stainless steel lid is fitted with a stay cool handle.
The handles have a special design allowing them to act as a lid holder, store a hot lid safely and always keep the lid at hand.
Handles and legs are made of non-heating, durable polypropylene.
Two operating modes - cooking and keeping warm; after cooking, the appliance goes into keep warm mode.
Capacity: 23 scoops of dry rice (±46 servings of cooked rice).
Included: rice measuring cup and spoon.
Net weight: 4.8 kg.

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Made of cast aluminium, suitable for all heat sources except induction and even suitable for use in ovens (up to 250°C).
Cast aluminium excels at conducting heat, the pan is quickly ready for use.
The handle is made from 18/10 stainless steel and remains cool during use.
The Whitford® Xylan non-stick coating has a high temperature resistance (up to 250°C).
Adhesion of the non-stick coating is improved by a layer of titanium between the aluminium and the coating.
This double-layer procedure improves the service life of the coating and provides additional scratch-resistance.
Very easy to clean after use.

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Designed for convenient storage of supplies in any food service establishment.
Made of composite plastic – lightweight yet strong and recyclable.
Does not rust, cadmium-free.
Stable, easy to assemble.
Can be easily adapted to the needs of the kitchen by adjusting the height of the shelves.
Vented shelves allow for maximum airflow. The shelves have integrated Camguard® antibacterial protection.
Withstands high temperature (from -38 °C to +88 °C), perfect for use in hot kitchens as well as in cold rooms and freezers.
Shelf plates are dishwasher safe.
Units can be combined to create more uninterrupted storage space.
Max. load of the entire rack: 760 kg (190 kg per shelve).

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340,00 €
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Burners: 3 x 3.5 kW + 3 x 6 kW
Pots: Ø 120-300 mm
Cast iron pan support 335x300 mm, one for each burner
Cooker top: AISI 304
Casing: AISI 430
Adjustable steel feet
Weight: 105 kg
Electric 3 kW/230 V
Stainless steel chamber: 640x370x(H)350 mm 4 rail pairs for GN 1/1
Distance between rails: 75 mm
1 GN 1/1 grid included

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2570,00 €

Dimensions 1170x950x2000mm.
Power 23 kW.
Holds 10 plates 450x600mm.

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3000,00 €

Dimensions: 800x800x420mm.
EU power: 7500w/380v.
Capacity 4 plates GN 1/1 - 530X325MM

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550,00 €

Dimensions: 800x800x900mm.
Electric power: 13kw/380V.

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750,00 €

Dimensions 900x770x1000/1720mm.
Power 19 kW.
Holds 10xGN1/1.

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2500,00 €

Dimensions: 879 x 791 x 1782mm.
Power supply 400V, 63A, 37kW, 3N.

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4500,00 €