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Menumaster 34L
Menumaster 34L
566.34 € + VAT
Chamber dimensions: 368x381x216mm
Capacity: 34L - plate ø356 mm
Input/output power: 1550W/1100W
Number of magnetrons: 1
Microwave source: rotating antennas, upper
Number of power levels: 4

––Perfect for restaurants, bars, canteens, petrol stations, cafés or office kitchens for fast cooking, heating and defrosting
––User-friendly manual control panel
––Maximum cooking time: 10 minutes
––Large illuminated chamber suitable for a Ø356 mm plate
––The chamber is lined on the bottom with special ceramic material that prevents
plates from chipping
––The ovens are stackable, which saves valuable space at your restaurant
––Illuminated chamber for controlling the processes going on inside
––End of cooking cycle is indicated with a sound
––Inner and outer casing made of high-grade steel makes cleaning easier and guarantees
long useful life
––Fixed air filter protects internal components against dust and other contaminants
––Rotary tray not required
––Specially designed door latch to ensure tightness and long useful life
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Code: 280041

Dimensions: 559x483x352mm

Power: 1550W/230V

Manufacturer: Hendi

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