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Paella Frying Pan Set 460
Paella Frying Pan Set 460
Paella Frying Pan Set 460
175.00 € + VAT
Diameter: 46 cm.
Diameter of the surface: 38 cm.
Capacity: 6-12 servings.
Height of the legs: 25 cm (can also be used on 85 cm high legs)
Height of the pan’s side: 5 cm.
Weight: pan 6 kg, set altogether 9 kg.
Pan is made of 3 mm steel.
Burner: 6.5 kW, diameter 300 mm.
Gas consumption at full capacity 0.6 kg/h, in usual conditions 0.2-0.4 kg/h.
The legs are detachable and mountable with bolts (butterfly).
In the set there is a gas hose with the length of 1.2 m.
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Code: PRO_460

Dimensions: diam. 460mm, k: 260mm

Power: Põleti: 6,5 kW

Manufacturer: Gastro

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A high-rimmed steel pan with very good cooking features, perfectly suitable for frying, preparing meat, fish, vegetables, and different rice dishes. The pan is also suitable for making tasty pancakes. Use your fantasy and cook a desired dish on the pan!

PRO-460 is a compact, light, but at the same time with a strong construction set for home, summerhouse or for a trip to nature! It enables to prepare different dishes from raw and pre-cooked ingredients. The pan fits 6-12 portions depending on the dish cooked. Pan’s flat bottom perfectly enables to keep the food warm. The pan has a 5 cm rim, which allows the food to be stewed and steamed (under the lid), which is a great advantage comparing to low-rimmed pan. Triple Windshield provides the best possible protection from wind and the flame won’t go out even with a moderate wind.

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