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Gas stove 23kW
Gas stove 23kW
1 099.00 € + VAT
4 burners
Each burner can be adjusted individually
Diameter (rear burner): 118 mm
Diameter (front burner): 89 mm
Body made of premium stainless steel AISI 304
Front panel made from black oxidised stainless steel AISI 304
Black colour due to oxidised nickel atoms
Material is wash-resistant and can withstand alkali solutions (e.g. hard water)
High performance nickel-plated cast iron burner
Includes pilot flame
Excellent for professional use
Design: Table unit
Automatic gas lock
With thermocouple safety element
Includes chimney with splashback function
Burner troughs are completely removable
low energy consumption
Environmentally friendly
Easy handling
Easy to clean
Suitable for propane and natural gas
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Code: GHK873M

Dimensions: 800x700x420mm

Power: 23kW

Manufacturer: Gastro

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Gas stove 4x burners (23 kW) with pilot flame

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