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Oven Smart Bakery 4x 60x40
Oven Smart Bakery 4x 60x40
2 730.00 € + VAT
​–  Capacity: 4x 600x400mm tray support spacing 80mm
– 3-knob electromechanical control. Easy setting of the most important parameters, requiring no special training. Food can be prepared in dry, hot air or using the 5-step steam level control. All the options are also available in the convection function.
– Time adjustment from 10 to 120 minutes or NON STOP operation
– Temperature regulation in the range of 100°C–270°C 
– 5-step steam level control
– Steam generated by direct water spray with 5-step steam level control
– Safety door – opening lock at 60°, 90°, 120° and 180° prevents burns to the operator due to uncontrolled door movement after opening
– Double-glazed chamber door and LED lighting facilitate observation of the processes in the oven
– Gravity-cooled outer glass for increased personnel safety
– Door with right-hand hinge
– An easy-to-open inner door glass for easy cleaning
– Door seal made of thick and heat resistant silicone, mounted in the oven housing, easy to replace without calling for service
– Insulated oven housing not only saves electricity, but also increases the safety of kitchen staff
– A trough under the door prevents condensed steam from dripping, especially in the mixed cycle and steaming. A dry floor underneath and in front of the oven guarantees safe working conditions for the staff
– Oven chamber made of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel
– Pressed cooking chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning of the oven
– All stainless steel housing
– Water protection rating: IPX4 
– Adjustable feet ensure perfect leveling of the oven, with direct effects on its operation
– Connection to electricity, treated water, sewerage system required
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Code: MKF464S

Dimensions: 850x1044x700mm

Power: 7,8kW / 400V

Manufacturer: Hendi

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