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Oven  BlackBakery 6x 60x40
Oven BlackBakery 6x 60x40
3 930.00 € + VAT
Capacity: 6x 600x400mm - tray support spacing 80mm
1-POINT PROBE: A one-point probe for determining and measuring the temperature inside the cooked product.
ELECTRONIC 7-INCH TOUCH CONTROL PANEL: The electronic control allows very precise setting of required cooking parameters. All parameters and functions are indicated either numerically or by icons. The control panel of Millennial Black Mask ovens allows you to use many very interesting and innovative features:
PRE-HEATING: pre-heating of the cooking chamber to the temperature 30 degrees higher than the set temperature
HOLDING: keeping food at a suitably high temperature directly after the cooking cycle is completed
COOLDOWN: rapid cooling of the cooking chamber in order to start another cooking process that requires a much lower temperature
USB port for quick and easy download and upload of cooking recipes and HACCP data
PROOFER: the oven serves as a proofing chamber – a useful function in bakery and confectionery versions
HOLDING CABINET: the oven serves as a holding cabinet, it maintains the correct temperature and proper moisture level of dishes until they are served.
Delayed oven start up to 24 hours – a useful function to prepare the oven or the dish before the staff arrives at work.
A 100 recipe cookbook, each with 10 possible steps to be defined one after another
3 fan speeds: maximum 2800 rpm, minimum 1500 rpm
Fan power: normal, semi-static, 1/2 power
DELTA T cooking
10-step steam level control
Temperature regulation in the range of 30°C÷270°C 
Adjustable operating time up to 11 h, 59 min or continuous NON STOP operation
Possibility of storing the date and current time
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Code: MKF664BM

Dimensions: 850x970x850mm

Power: 10,4kW / 400V

Manufacturer: Hendi

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