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Gas Tandoori Oven 32" x 32"
Gas Tandoori Oven 32" x 32"
1 799.00 € + VAT
This Tandoor comes with the following free accessories:

5 x 4mm stainless steel round rod skewers for paneer tikka, prawns and veggies
5 x 6mm stainless steel square rod skewers for all kinds of meat, tikka's and kebabs
2 x 8mm thick Nan skewers
1 x gaddi
1 x stainless steel Lid for tandoor
4 x heat proof castors, out of which one castor has a stopper which prevents the tandoor movement if required
1 x Temperature gauge
1 x Fitted burner with piezo ignition, pilot & flame failure safety
1 x Jar of clay seasoning lotion
1 x 6mm burner baffle plate
30 x Clay balls / stones
1 x Lump of clay for repairs
AND spare jet to convert tandoor to LPG or Natural Gas

Please note, in addition to above depth (32" /81 cm), there is stainless steel box in the front to hide gas fittings which is 4” / 10 cms deep.

This is a CE certified gas fired tandoor made of stainless steel outer casing and clay pot oven inside. Kindly specify what type of gas you would like to use with tandoor ( Natural gas or LPG) so that the tandoor can be supplied with the appropiate setting            
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Code: TANDOOR32x32

Dimensions: 813x813x940mm

Power: gas: 14kW

Manufacturer: Puri

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