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13 300.00 € + VAT
Combines 4 cooking energies
Impingement: 2000W, adjustable 0-100% fan speed. Enhances toasting and browning
Convection: 95˚-270˚C (200˚-520˚F) temperature range. Enhances browning
Infra-red radiant: 3000W. Enhances toasting and crisping
Microwave Assist: 2200W, dual side antennas. Heats quickly, reduces cooking time.

Features and Benefits
– Compact exterior, large interior
― Accommodates a 356mm (14”) pizza
― Stackable without a kit, to increase throughput and save valuable counter space
– True-Touch™ HD Touchscreen
― Fully customizable 178mm (7”) smartphone-like display
– Multi-lingual, universal operation
― Exclusive! Supports 25 languages
― Customizable, image-based menu eliminates language & literacy barriers
– Certified for ventless cooking
― Economical and flexible installation. No added HVAC expenses
– On-demand cooking
― Prepare fresh foods with great taste and texture
― Minimize waste. Cook food when it’s ordered
– Crew-safety features
― Exclusive! Inner door drops well below cooking surface for safe removal of food from cavity
― Cool-to-the-touch exterior
– Easy to clean and maintain
― Porcelain IR element cover simplifies maintenance and enhances operator safety
― Uniquely angled oven floor for quick and easy cleaning
― Exclusive! Non-stick oven liners preinstalled
― Two cleanable air filters with a “clean filter” reminder
― Gasket-free, easy-clean door seal
– Uses metal cookware
― No special cookware needed — No added expense
― Maximum metal pan height: 38mm (1½”)
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Code: MXP5223TLT

Dimensions: 638x705x518mm

Power: 5800W / 400V

Manufacturer: Hendi

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