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Combi oven 6GN
Combi oven 6GN
3 993.00 € + VAT
COMBI OVENS HENDI NANO COMPACT 6x GN 1/1 – electric, manual control
Capacity 6x GN 1/1
Tray support spacing 40 mm
Number of fans with reverse - 1
Thermostat from 30°C to 260°C
Timer 0 to 120 min
Humidification - indirect, electronically controlled

Dimensions 460x620x(H)680 mm
code 223505
Price 292,95€ 
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Code: 223185

Dimensions: 530x842x730mm

Power: 7kW / 400V

Manufacturer: Hendi

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– Ideal for any kitchen in restaurants, bars, canteens, for baking cakes, bread, meat, fish and poultry.
– Steaming function helps prepare delicate and healthy fish and meat dishes.
– Compact size and low energy consumption make it fit for installation practically anywhere.
– Housing and cooking chamber made of stainless steel.
– Glass door with gravity ventilation, safe for operator.
– Halogen chamber lighting for easy control of cooking process.

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Product Combi oven 6GN is added to the basket

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