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Preparation cold counter KTL-1221
Preparation cold counter KTL-1221
1 830.00 € + VAT
Salad & sandwich preparation cold counter
Digital thermostat
Auto defrosting
Easily changeable refrigeration unit 
Legs with adjustable height (+/- 15mm)
One drawer can hold one (GN1/1 150) GN-container
Drawer opens 110% so that it is comfortable to put in the GN-container
Drawers’ sliders have retraction locking systems and are easily changeable when needed 
Each locker contains 8 pairs of tracks for GN-containers (GN1/1 50)
A shelf tier can be ordered to be placed on the guides (please note in the order)
Elevated cold basin for ⅙ GN-containers on the rear side of the working surface. Cold basin can hold 7x (GN1/6 150)
Cold basin has an acrylic glass cover
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Code: KTL-1221

Dimensions: 1200x650x900mm

Power: 0,6kW / 230V

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